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Welcome to the Forensic Pattern Recognition & Microscopy home page.

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Brief Overview of Research I

  • Pattern Recognition (Including Chemometrics and Biometrics).
  • Algorithm Development.
  • Polarized Light Microscopy.
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy.
  • Small Particle Handling and Micromanipulation.
  • Remote Sensing and Imaging Science.
  • Synthetic Image Generation.
  • Photon Mapping.
  • Scientific Photography.


Brief Overview of Teaching:

  • Trace Evidence & Microscopy (WVU, CCC).
  • Criminalistics Laboratory Techniques (JJay).
  • Advanced Microscopy (CCC, McRI).
  • Polarized Light Microscopy (McRI).
  • Crime Scene Investigation & Pattern Analysis (CCC).
  • Advanced Forensic Pattern Analysis (CCC).
  • Forensic Informatics (WVU).
  • Scientific Photomicrography (McRI).
  • Microscope Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair (McRI).
  • Small Particle Micromanipulation (McRI).
  • Asbestos Analysis (McRI).

The above courses have been taught as part of the Bachelor & Master of Science program at West Virginia University (WVU) and John Jay College of Criminal Justice (JJay), the Master of Science program at Cedar Crest College, the undergraduate concentration in Forensic Science at Cedar Crest College (CCC), and at the McCrone Research Institute (McRI).


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