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Tire Tread Impressions

CHE 241 students worked in a small group to collect a tire tread impression.  The image depicts the students dusting the petroleum jelly-based print with magnetic powder. 

Present:  Katie Brown, Barbara Colburn, Kate Lang, Laura McGrath, Kamala Sutton and Shannon Wenner.

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Voted Best Anaglyph by CHE 347 Fall 2011 Students

CHE 347 lab students worked in small groups to generate 3D anaglyphs using the SEM.  The final images were voted on and the pyrite sample shown at right was selected as the Fall 2011 winner. 

The students that contributed the image are:  James Anasti, Shelby Trenge and Stacey Bernetski.  

They titled their work:  “Third Rock from the Pole Piece”!

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CHE 241 Blood Pattern Analysis Labs


The CHE 241 Spring 2011 class working hard during their blood pattern analysis labs.  Students spent time evaluating how the angle of impact determines the shape of passive blood drops, how to use stringing methods to determine the point of origin and point of convergence of spatter patterns, and how cast-off stains are generated.  Everyone was a good sport during a somewhat messy lab!

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New CHE 347 Anaglyph Lab – Fall 2011

Students will generate stereopairs using the scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an Everhart-Thornley detector.  The stereopairs can be combined into an anaglyph that appears 3D when viewed with chromatically opposed red and blue lenses.  The image at right depicts diatoms with a thin carbon coat (sample and coating courtesy of Jack Hietpas, Syracuse University).

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